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Open directory public XMPP servers

The reason for creating an open list of servers was that the vast majority of server lists are biased, contain irrelevant information, based on the personal opinion of the owner of the list, or contain slander.When adding 404 to server lists, we repeatedly encountered refusals to include or exclude from the lists due to unfair competition from the owners of other XMPP servers creating the lists.

Funny and crazy examples of refusals to include a server in the biased lists

Some admins openly write that they do not want to include in the lists the servers that they think are better than them server, other admins come up with various reasons for refusal. Over the seven years of our existence, we have collected many reasons for refusals to add to lists. Some of them are pretty funny.

Paranoid lists based on server privacy policy. In such lists, what is written in the privacy policy is important, not whether that privacy policy is followed or not. The owners of such lists are afraid of the word ip-address and it does not matter in what context it is written:

The very same case when the owners harbors a grudge due to a technical error and tries to fix the problem with chatter and slander:

Politically motivated directory owners do not list servers due to their inner convictions:

These crazy reasons forced the creation of an open directory of servers, where it would be possible to freely add a public server without any assessment of its correctness.


The goal of creating a server directory is to eliminate human factor and create a free server list that anyone can easily add their favorite public server to.The only rule of participation Be public XMPP server!. The server must have an open registration and explicitly indicate about it on the main page.

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