404.city is a public XMPP server. We try to provide a high class of technical support and a compromise between convenience for users, stability and privacy. The server is in the top 10 largest public XMPP servers with open statistics in the world. XMPP server and main site located in France. The site of the encyclopedia Wiki 404 is located on shared hosting.

404.city advantages

  • Base spam protection. The server does not accept messages without a subscription
  • Professional support by Unix system administrator with 10 years' experience.
  • We do not allow to connect to the server without encryption. 99% of XMPP servers use encryption, but don't verify certificates.
  • All data of lost accounts is automatically deleted not later than after 404 days of inactivity
  • DNSSEC enable. Your ISP cannot replace DNS response and direct you to the wrong ip-address
  • Existing since 2015. The server has existed since 2015. The server is time tested and will not be closed as many other existing one year.