There are two ways to store passwords on XMPP servers. Method 1 is secure, the password is stored in encrypted form (hash) and cannot be cracked. The second method is an open text, administrators can extract passwords, hackers can crack passwords if they break the database. At 404.city, the password is encrypted and cannot be cracked. https://github.com/processone/ejabberd/issues/2699 Servers that have strict security policies cannot currently support XEP215 for audio/video call. We do not own the user password and cannot intercept them. Developers are currently working on fixing XEP 215, when they fix the bug there will be support for video calls. If they do not fix video call support will be launched on the additional faceless.city server with plan text password Estimated time to resolve the problem before the end of summer or earlier. Currently, video calls are supported if both people have a direct ip. 4G / 3G network or ipv6