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404.city is a public XMPP server. We try to provide a high class of technical support and a compromise between convenience for users, stability and privacy. The server is in the top 10 largest public XMPP servers with open statistics in the world. XMPP server and main site located in France. The site of the encyclopedia Wiki 404 is located on shared hosting.

404.city advantages

  • Base spam protection. The server does not accept messages without a subscription
  • Professional support by Unix system administrator with 10 years' experience.
  • We do not allow to connect to the server without encryption. 99% of XMPP servers use encryption, but don't verify certificates.
  • All data of lost accounts is automatically deleted not later than after 404 days of inactivity
  • DNSSEC enable. Your ISP cannot replace DNS response and direct you to the wrong ip-address
  • Existing since 2015. The server has existed since 2015. The server is time tested and will not be closed as many other existing one year.
  • Powerful equipment.CPU: 4 core 3.4 Mhz Intel Xeon, RAM 4GB. Now our server is ready to host more than 10,000 users online. We have taken care of extensibility and will not fall if there are more users.
  • HttpUpload 2Gb & 7 day storage time. You can share with your friends archives with photos and video
  • Fault-tolerance technology. Ejabberd + PostgreSQL. We use professional software ready for industrial use . This software has been successfully used by large companies such as WhatsApp and Facebook
  • Secure password storage. We do not know your passwords. Passwords are stored as salted hash
  • Protection from impostors We allow to use only Latin (A-Z) in username. We do not allow the creation username with eastern european symbols (А-Я) similar to Latin symbols
  • ipv6 support. We support connection with personal XMPP servers that do not have ipv4 addresses
  • 100% Compatibility with Conversations. We support the most modern clients and XMPP extensions.
  • Uptime 99.9%.You can be sure that we will do our best to make the server available

Ideology 404.city

We dislike the invasion of privacy. We try to ensure the protection of correspondence and the removal of outdated information.

When is 404.city support available?

Server availability monitoring is ongoing ever 24/7. Answers to user questions usually occur within 1-24 hours, but delays of up to 72 hours are possible. The encyclopedia site wiki.404.city has a low priority in maintenance. The XMPP server 404.city has a high priority in maintenance.

Why do we try to avoid mentioning XMPP in the service name?

We are not XMPP fanatics. 404.city is open to any technology. Currently, XMPP is the only industrial protocol ready for mass use, but we are open to adopting any other technology in the future. We do not want our domains to have the name XMPP and provide other services.