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===Log 404.city===
===Log 404.city===
* '''05/05/2020 ''' Add support ipv6 by default for xmpp server
* '''26/09/2019 ''' create roadmap
* '''06/05/2020 Task:''' Add recapcha
* '''28/09/2019 Task:''' JabberON.ru server migration to other instance . Current installation is not compatible with faceless.city'. '''Result:''' Current JabberOn Mnesia DB error. Server JabberOn.ru cannot be migrated without deleting part of the Mnesia database.
* '''29/09/2019 Task:''' JabberON.ru MnesiaDB migration to MySQL. '''Result:''' Fail. The database cannot be migrated without delete user data (OMEMO public key, roster). Saving user password the server is pointless, because in any case, it is scheduled to close in January. Decisions made on early closure of jabberon.ru in October.
* '''29/09/2019 Task:''' Tests migration 404.city to new istance performed
* '''29/09/2019 Task:''' Update page [https://xmpp-servers.404.city/ https://xmpp-servers.404.city/]
* '''1/10/2019''' Create instance for faceless.city
* '''9/10/2019''' Increase disk space 404.city
* '''9/10/2019''' Migrate xmpp-servers.404.city to new instance
* '''10/10/2019''' Open mirror [https://xmpp-servers.404.city https://xmpp-servers.404.city]& [http://sfztcsxswbuzbejuihkwgfxjaqxq6sbikcolfuk5xkbaksp3lclpdvqd.onion/ http://sfztcsxswbuzbejuihkwgfxjaqxq6sbikcolfuk5xkbaksp3lclpdvqd.onion/]
* '''11/10/2019''' fix oninon mirror xmpp-servers.404.city
* '''12/10/2019''' fix several bug to homepage
* '''16/10/2019''' update sertificate 404.city
* '''16/10/2019''' generate sertificate faceless.city
* '''17/10/2019''' Open onion mirror [https://wiki.404.city/ https://wiki.404.city/]. Result: fail. Need modification.
* '''21/10/2019''' in-band registration open http://faceless.city/

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Log 404.city

  • 05/05/2020 Add support ipv6 by default for xmpp server
  • 06/05/2020 Task: Add recapcha


You can speed up the process of introducing new features by donating money

  • Adding a user account, with the ability to change the password and recovery
  • Creation of CMS "404 city" (front-end 404.city)and placement in public access with the ability to install on any other XMPP servers.