404.city: Server Administration Rules

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These are the rules which the server support service follows:

  • Never watch unencrypted user messages. If during debugging you saw unencrypted user messages, forget everything you saw.
  • Even if the user asks to look to see his messages do refuse.
  • Never look at the user's contacts unless the user himself asked to see the contact list
  • Try not to be interested in the user's IP address, if it is unnecessary to combat spam. You do not need to know from which country the user
  • Do not go to hidden conferences if you have not been invited. You do not have to watch what happens when you were no called. You can go to any public conference.
  • If you are offered a million dollars for access to a user's correspondence or contact list, refuse. It is forbidden by the rules, everything that is forbidden by the rules can never be executed
  • Public advertising may contain emotional expressions, but the support users service should always be calm. Dispute cannot be a reason for denial of service
  • You are a robot serving server. You are the continuation of the electronic filling. You have no soul and emotions. You just follow the rules and commands.

Short: Don't look at anything. Forget what you saw