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Morph, Morpheus - famous[1] crazy person attacking anonymous XMPP chats, internet vandal, shitposter. Says that he is the server administrator, although in reality he is not related to server administration. Has a psychological disease of OCD, manic schizophrenia. Favorite victims of harassment are the chat administrators, but it can be any party who has entered into a dispute if the administrator is inactive

The main character trait of harassment and rigidity of thinking. Can maintain a reasonable dialogue, before entering into a dispute with any participant. trigger for abuse becomes a dispute where the participant does not agree with his opinion. Not able to understand the opponent in the discussion or seeks malicious meaning.

Main motives harassment: manic schizophrenia, revenge on fictional enemies.

Features of behavior:

  1. denies its existence says that his accounts do not belong to himor try to blame other people for their actions
  2. Obsessive compulsive disorder Creates thousands of XMPP accounts on servers with weak anti-spam policies.created about 200 accounts on the "Faceless" server, in 15 hours. he created new accounts every 10-15 minutes. Uses Tor or VPN when registering accounts
  3. Crowd manipulation. Connects to XMPP chats from multiple accounts. The maximum number of accounts detected in one chat server "Disroot" is >30 accounts. Talking between their accounts.
  4. Scammer. Impersonating other members using nickname swapping. Uses personal correspondence for personal messages is presented by the server administrator and asks for donations, passwords, extorts money,writes insults
  5. Native language is Russian, but using a translator, speaks any language. Lives in the western part of Russia.speech has a mental illness disorder. tries to use other languages ​​to hide a mental illness
  6. Furry interests, GOG, Torrents, games, harassment, manipulation of public opinion, language learning
  7. Doxxer. Publishes both real and fictional correspondence with interlocutors from private chats
  8. homosexuality and shitposter. likes to sent out anal sex and penis photos. sending pictures is both appropriate to the dialogue, and malicious cluttering
  9. spamer, persecution mania,endless debate with nitpicking, .
  10. Harassment continues to write requests to end the conversation. Writes many messages even to a silent interlocutor. One of the main symptoms of maniac disease. Writes messages even when they are not being read. uses insults and slander in order to attract attention. Sometimes he writes private messages on xmpp id from many accounts.

Effective abusive practices for room admins

  • Disable access in a conference from servers with poor antispam protection. Bad protection means bad captcha, not able to slow down the creation of accounts. Example blacklist Morph iD's XMPP: BlackList:Morph
  • disable personal messaging
  • voting away from visitors
  • Captha
  • ban without entering into a conversation
  • room administrators are advised to ban without entering into a conversation.if need, publish the xmpp addresses of the banned participant, if he uses a multi account again
  • Pay attention to the persecution of one member by multiple accounts

how can morph be used with benefit?

in some chats, the administration knows about him, but does not ignore him abuse because he creates fake activity by writing letters to honey with his accounts. with a favorable course of the disease, it is able to replace the chat bot. Disroot server uses Morph to increase fake activity in public chats

Recommendations for anonimous chat users

  • Do not trust any member of the anonymous chat. even if he uses a familiar nickname.
  • do not talk with people with mental disabilities. disputes with crazy meaningless
  • If several people attack your opinion, remember that this may be one person with several nicknames. do not take seriously the discussions in anonymous chats and any statements in them
  • if your interlocutor behaves like a Morph, send a link to this page. this will allow administrators to learn about the existing problem

Saying about Morph

Skomorox‎ admin chat ‎ :

- It’s impossible to ban a morph. He loves to create accounts like bugs love to fuck.

- Морфа нельзя забанить, он плодит акки, быстрее ебли клопов

Admin chat ‎ and :

- My task is to block accounts for harassment and abuse. Morph hates me for stopping him from manipulating and harassing other users. Morph has already created more than 500 accounts manually to write me just a few insults. Morph writes me a dozen messages almost every day for half a year. This man is insane.

Рысько admin chat about Morph

- Do not look for meaning in his actions

- не ищи логику у психа


  1. This page is created by multiple requests. Explain who the Morph is and why it will be blocked.