XMPP clients for Android

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Conversations is a modern XMPP client with support for encryption OMEMO and file transfer via HTTP Upload. It is available for Android via both the Google Play Store, and the Free Open Source Software repository F-Droid.org (without cloud push through google). The app does not employ privacy-destructive third-party internets ads. The monetary costs supports development. The F-droid community build is free in the traditional sense of the word 'free'. Files may be directly downloaded from the F-Droid repository web page, or one may also install the F-Droid repository app which will notify the user when app updates are available, but not automatically install them.

Conversation advertises a free server federation, therefore it is a recommended 404.city client



Xabber is a jabber XMPP client with multiple account support. It has no ads, clean interface and compatible with all standard XMPP servers. Xabber has some nice features. It optimized for low battery usage in mobile networks. The next is possibility to select each own notification for every contact or group. Xabber also has a good feature to discover MUCs from other XMPP servers and add it to roster. It also has a web version of the client, see the link below. There are three versions of client available for Android devices. The Xabber Classic is for old versions of Android and no more maintained. The Xabber Dev is the version which is not maintained and replaced by Xabber. According to information from F-Droid repository, the Xabber version connects to xabber.com server at every startup. It is preferred to use Xabber Dev version.

Xabber versions also supports end-to-end encryption in automatic and manual mode, but it can use only OTR. Other encryption algorithms is not supported.


Blabber (Pix-Art)

Blabber.im (formerly known as Pix-Art Messenger) is a fork of Conversations Legacy providing common sense defaults for social settings. By default it advertises the use of Blabber.im servers. To create an account on 404.city or other servers (since servers in alphabetical order above Blabber.com are not visible), scroll to the top. This is not a mistake, because the developer mentioned that he will not fix this feature. Pix-Art Messenger was renamed to Blabber.im on 31 October 2020 (source). If you already have Pix-Art Messenger installed and want to migrate to the new Blabber.im app, please follow this tutorial.

There are many forks of Conversations but this one is has the most mature improvements, and more frequent updates in pace with the base code. This free app neither has a monetary cost nor privacy-destructive third-party internets ads; this is the traditional use of the word 'free'. Among other improvements it adds colorized names to the roster to indicate presence (itself an enabled default), allows the user to prefer the xmpp avatar over the address book, set outgoing nickname, larger avatar thumbnail. It also restores OTR functionality to communicate with legacy desktop clients. It is available for Android via both the Google Play Store, and the Free Open Source Software repository F-Droid.org (without cloud push through Google).

Install Blabber.im (formerly Pix-Art Messenger) with cloud push


Install Blabber.im (Pix-Art Messenger) without cloud push