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Cyberpunk already today. Entering the beginning of the digital age

In today's world, information technology and information security are becoming increasingly important. Information technologies appear in all major areas of modern life. If previous generations of people used mail messages written on paper or spoke directly to communicate, now electronic messages are used to convey thoughts.Smartphones, computers and other smart devices have become constant life satilites. The function of libraries has been replaced by search engines. Now, to find information, you do not need to look through hundreds of pages of books, just enter a query in a search engine and get millions of answers.

Along with the development of automation systems, which in their essence are ordinary complex mechanisms, machine learning systems are also developing, the purpose of which is to imitate the human brain or its individual functions. Have you noticed that as soon as you just think about something, an unexpected promotional offer or video on this topic appears? So you have already seen the results of their successful work.These systems collect private information and on the basis of this make predictions of behavior and even manipulate the unconscious actions of people insulating in pre-prepared information bubbles. Yes, it could be that the same friend who unexpectedly voted for party X fell under their influence.

One of the important differences between robots and humans is a special attitude towards humanity. A developed artificial intelligence cannot be endowed with humanity, because it cannot be a human, since it has a different nature than human. Artificial intelligence is like that fabulous genie released from the bottle, or aliens that have flown to earth. The power of machine learning intelligence and a large number of private data collected can be used not only for the benefit (displaying relevant information), but also to the detriment of humanity.

What will happen to humanity in the future when the technological singularity comes?

A project born from the ideas of science fiction and the hypothesis of computer simulation of the Universe

The project came about as a thought experiment, imagining a high-tech city of the future. A non-existent city, without a definite name, a city of the post-singular era, where the virtual world becomes reality. Cities monopolized by gigantic companies, places where people have been replaced by machines. Cities where people's thoughts are tracked through neural interfaces and analyzed by algorithms. Cities where the human personality no longer exists, and people's lives are controlled by artificial intelligence and social rating. The world of highly complex robots and algorithms, where the children of people of previous generations humans are not entitled to opportunities former accessible to ancestors. The world towards which modern society is fully or partially moving . The project 404 .city started out as a desire to change that and make the world a better place.

Creation of a virtual city, a virtual space of additional reality, where people from different parts of the world would not be separated. Creation of a free source of scientific information, a means of sharing knowledge and private communication and not infected with spy trackers and algorithms that manipulate public consciousness

Today, 404 .city is a place free from mass surveillance, where you can easily and comfortably communicate with friends and family without fear that your privacy and privacy will be violated. We believe that private correspondence is private property in the digital age and no one has the right to read your correspondence, just as no one has the right to break into your home and we strictly abide to this. The 404 .city community consists mainly of people interested in information technology from around the world

The name 404.city itself has no predetermined meaning. 404.city rather a general concept of a non-existent fantasy virtual city. Cities that change their appearance depending on the thoughts of those who visited it, because everyone wants to see this non-existent in their own way. Cities that are simultaneously located in different space and time. For someone 404 the city can be a city from the future, for some, this is a city from the past and their memories with leaves falling in autumn...

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