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About 404 .city

City 404 is a digital virtual non-existent city. The city is a utopia and a fairy tale, where humanity will unite together in virtual reality, regardless of the location of individual people. We want to create a digital city of the future, where the achievements of science are used for good, where there are no wars, where human rights are respected and everyone has the opportunity for self-development and a good future for their children.

The main purpose of creating 404.city is to protect humanity from harmful artificial intelligence or other harmful technologies that may be created in the future and provide a free source of scientific information . How could we do it? We do not know, but we would like to gather and unite all of humanity together against the new threats that the development of new technologies brings with it. Even now, AI-based algorithms are already successfully manipulating public opinion by predicting the behavior of individuals, and what could happen in the future if these systems get out of hand or fall into the hands of the wrong people?

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Protection of digital privacy rights

Currently, we are engaged in protecting people's digital rights to the secrecy of communication and the secrecy of correspondence, as we consider freedom of thought and protection from espionage to be a basic human right in the digital space. Confidential information can be a tool of blackmail and silence those who are dissatisfied with the destructive actions of political regimes. In the history of mankind, it happened more than once when insane dictators came to power, who limited the rights of people to freedom of opinion, persecuted and destroyed political opponents. We believe that if people do not have this basic right to privacy, they will live in a permanent digital concentration camp. It’s even scary to imagine what result Hitler would have achieved with modern technology mass surveillance and political propaganda

Global Warming Policy

All things being equal, 404 .city will choose hosting that uses renewable energy sources. However, the choice of hosting is largely determined primarily by the amount donated.

Service funding

The service has problems with funding and exists due to donations from users, which are not always enough to pay for hosting. The server has no governmental sponsors or sponsors in the form of commercial or non-profit organizations.


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