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E-mail is used for password recovery. If there was any mistake when changing the password, access to the password and the messenger was lost, email is the only way to recover the password.To restore your account via e-mail, you need to contact the support service from the e-mail address set in the account settings panel. The introduction of registration by e-mail allowed to reduce the cost of hosting by 2 times

The importance of having a correct email for new and legacy account

Some users use temporary email addresses to create accounts. Also old accounts do not have an email address set. Entering an email for old accounts is optional, but we still recommend set up an email. If for some reason your address in the account settings panel is not available, it will be impossible to recover your account

Registration limits

One of the goals of adding email verification is to reduce the number and improve the quality of registrations. Some users abuse too simple registration and create hundreds of accounts in order to poison in private messages other people with whom they quarreled in group chats. Blocking them in messenger settings is problematic when a new account instead of blocked can be created too easily.

Repel the Rise of the Machines

A significant load on the server was the automatic registration of bots and IoT devices. The introduction of registration by e-mail allowed to reduce the load on the server by more than half . This helped close the gap between donations and hosting fees.

Advertising mailings

The email address provided is not used for newsletters or promotional mailings.


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